RPG now has the management to help construct facilities, batteries, and grassroot location dirt work. All third parties are contracted through RPG for location construction. Complete location building, to production facility building.

Drilling Execution

Management of drilling operations from pre-mobilization logistical preparation, to execution of mobilization, onsite drilling operations, downhole diagnostics, directional drilling, pre-completion (pipe), cementing, and demobilization

Drilling Design and Procedures

Geological & Legal Representation of Drilling/Fracturing Planning
Completion Tubular Design
Legal Assessment
Procedural Planning of Onsite Management

AFE Preparation

Prepare relevant AFE according to work scope, geographic basin, and current vendor market



Executive Consultants

● Well Site Supervisors as liaison between service company and operator
● Follow Procedures/Toe Prep/Hydraulic Fracturing/Wireline/Drillout/Workover/Recompletion
● Experience with the absolute majority of fracturing service companies
● Experience with the absolute majority of sleeve/plug service companies
● Experience with the absolute majority of chemical providers, new and old, to the industry
● N2, CO2, Gel, XL Gel, Slickwater, Oil-Based, and HVFR expert advice

Quality Control Consultants

Fracturing/Cementing Experts responsible for fracturing or cementing quality control standards

Designs & Procedures

● Well qualified throughout every domestic basin to provide best practices
● Engineering design; best practice procedure recommendations
● Supply multiple operators with contract “Completion Engineers” for short-term projects
● Act as exclusive “Completion Engineer” for several “relatively small” operators requiring expertise in completions

Bidding & Vendor Selection

● Supply multiple operators with regional vendor lists, conduct bidding, and vendor selection accordingly
● Work with operator to apply viable options to induce viable options for economics
● Manage those vendors during awarding, execution, and post execution phases



Workover/Recompletion Consultants

● Includes pump issues, fishing, cleanouts, well prep, both vertical and horizontal completions
● Recompletions with all scopes of work, including P&A, drillout & refrac, cleanout, replug and perforate, refrac, pump replacement, etc.

Contract Pumping

Currently in every domestic basin the working U.S. Gauge tanks, reports, daily maintenance, gas & oil, workstations, compressor facilities, and water disposal facilities.