Matt I Robertson


Matthew Robertson began his career out of Texas Tech University in 2003 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering for Halliburton Energy Services as a Field Fracturing Engineer. As academically, he aced the six-month required educational curriculum and proceeded to the hotbed of global hydraulic fracturing at the time in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Intense work scope, work diversity, and immediate management responsibility requirements, Mr. Robertson was able to develop intense operationally functionality as a result of the Halliburton training system of the time as an engineer. In doing so, Matt continually perpetuated and grew Halliburton’s technology advances in fluid chemistry, completion design, operational culture, and became known as one of the leading innovators in the industry. His insistence with the technology headquarters of Duncan, OK developed several new innovations completely new to the industry. He served as the lead field completion engineering representative for the likes of Devon Energy, BP America, Shell, and others by the time he was transferred to other Basins. His exposure was to be the leader on location for Halliburton’s acidizing and fracturing operations throughout the Pinedale/Anticline, Wachatie, and sporadically the Big Horn Basins of the State of Wyoming.

Mr. Robertson was promoted to District Technical Manager of both the Piceance Basin of Colorado and the Williston Basin with Halliburton in the year of 2005.  In the Piceance, Matt redeveloped internal local systems corporately to handle major overhauls in respect to folds of work activity increase. Technical, safety, and protocols were then necessary to be placed at a corporate level.  He managed an engineering staff and operators in relation to acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, and coiled tubing, in the Piceance Basin. Work scope was primarily vertical, though heavily active in perspective of “stages/day.”

In the question of what held the North Dakota “Bakken” back from the long publicized “Sleeping Giant” of the Eastern Montana Bakken, Halliburton moved Mr. Robertson to the Williston asset to help answer that question, as the Lead Technical Manager of the Williston Basin.  In doing so, Matt managed all engineering and sales related aspects of acidizing, fracturing, wireline, downhole tools (plugs, Sleeve Systems, DV Tools), and at times Sperry Sun drilling advising. The North Dakota Bakken, as a result of explanation and observation, was unlocked during his tenure as the advisor to many companies, after discovery of the first many wells that he was an advisor, the first of which he was witness to.  Due to the fact, Mr. Robertson then spent over a year in mostly corporate offices, with those inquiring to develop assets in the now lucrative Bakken and Three Forks assets of North Dakota as their lead Technical Advisor. In his tenure with Halliburton, Matt developed many training curriculums for incoming engineers that are still used today in many Basins. He on occasion was an invited speaker/instructor for internal training courses in Halliburton’s new engineer training pertaining to Advanced Downhole Diagnostics and Fluid Control (fracturing).

Matt Robertson became an Identified Consultant in 2009 after leaving Halliburton.  He furthered to take his downhole diagnostic capabilities and observations to Basins ranging from South Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Colorado, East Texas, and Texas Panhandle.  In promotion from a previous consulting employer (Ely & Associates of Texas) and primary allocations, in which he doubled workload and staffing, Mr. Robertson now holds a primary engineering and execution stake hold in the Permian Basin and the State of Oklahoma, under Robertson Petroleum Group.  Mr. Robertson is recognized by several in the industry and University as a primary expert in Completion Engineering and Hydraulic Fracturing Evolution. Robertson Petroleum Group is The Leading Industry Firm in Completion & Fracturing Design & Execution.

Though Matt Robertson’s expertise is inarguably in completions, he has served roles as both Sr. Production Engineer and Completion and Production Superintendent for privately held equities in his interims.  He serves as interim Completion Engineer for many of our to date privately held operators.

In the evolution of our firm’s brief history, we now offer drilling to production, design and execution, with Mr. Robertson offering more oversight of most activities than you will obtain from any of our competitors.

Matthew I Robertson has served as an SPE Treasurer, Member Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of local SPE Chapters.  He remains a Member in Good Standing of SPE, and plans to continue to exhibit annually under Robertson Petroleum Group in SPE associated events.  He is an annual member of Texas Sports Officials, and of First Baptist Church Lubbock.