RPG was envisioned as a firm by Matt Robertson to continue to deliver the same services expected of 30 years past that have seemed to come and go. We continue to strive to put our operators’ objectives before those of others, and based upon short-term or long-term objectives, will help arrive at a solution to reach those. Our contractors that work directly through Robertson Petroleum Group are meticulously vested, to reach the same long term objectives that RPG was combusted for: Create Value for the Operator, Create Value for the Company, Create Value for the Individual. That is inherently where we adopted we our slogan: Real Consulants, Real Engineers, Real Value.

We will always serve our operators with their best interests first. Small operators are different than big operators. Short-term operators are different than long-term operators. Public operators are different than privately-held operators. And so-on. In doing so, I personally find it my interest to spend more on travel than my competitors to simply “see people”, and talk to them about what they need from us. This is not about maximizing our profits vs. theirs. We have seen that philosophy come and go, and we are 100% owned by our employees that work for us. In doing that, we will continue to care more about the profits generated by our employer (operator), than we do how much our company’s profit may be per fiscal year.  All current RPG representatives have been completely onboard with the mission, and we will strive to represent that moving forward. We WILL keep the operators’ best interest foremost, as complex as it is in today’s world, and at the forefront of what we do.

RPG was enacted in Dec 2016 as a result of mainstream pressure for Robertson to set up a full-time firm that held the following values:
a) Be the Best Completion Consulting Firm
b) Don’t Hire for Profit Gain
c) Give us More Engineering Time. We can’t always hold up to that, but our extensive client list has been continually & annually loyal to RPG, of which we hold in high regard. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make the strides we have to date in such a short period of time.

Our hiring process from inception has been very insidious. “If you think you’re a good frac hand…”, I MAY have something to work with. If I THINK YOU’RE A GOOD FRAC HAND, I’ve got something to work with. We are definitely completion based. Fracturing experts. Every domestic basin, engineering, every completion mechanism, and we are front runners on every new technology due to the exposure. We strive to keep that. Multi-service company, multi-chemical, multi-basin, multi-mechanism. We don’t hire off of the street. Resumes are resumes. More and more are frankly bad. RPG has the individual that can meet discreet needs…from drilling planning/execution to contract pumping. Though my background is incredibly devout to completions, I continue to work with those experts outside of my field, as they do me. No doubt, completion is our wheelhouse. I, as Matt Robertson, stay on the phone regardless of workscope, 10 times better than my competitors, to keep a close tab on how I can help those operators out. We talk at least weekly. And if there are discreet inevitable issues on location, daily. RPG services their consultants better than any other consulting firm on the market. Not always financially but in support.

We look for 10 year operations employees, primarily from a fracturing service company, that worked their way from “a frac tank guy” to a service leader. That’s usually the progression, though things have become very misaligned over the years due to manpower issues. We can vet through that. But that individual has shown that he gains respect to be elevated, has work ethic in our field (which isn’t easy…sometimes management forgets that), and he can manage people. The second is a very smart and upcoming degreed engineer from a credited University. Someone who has been through some rigorous engineering training with a service company.  I’ve been amazed at how our 30 year field hand, learns from the 4 year engineer, and as expected…I for example, am always going to learn something from the 30 year hand. Everyday. It’s environment more than it is qualification to an extent. I’ve had folks over the years tell me they distinctly don’t want “an engineer” or don’t want “not an engineer.” If RPG does what’s right…they won’t know the difference, other than resume.

Respect. Thanks. And definitely the understanding that they invited us to work for them. We will treat every operator with the understanding that we are their representative, we will do as we’re told, and we will do as we see fit, as instructed by the operator. We will mandate expectations from service companies, but only on behalf of the employer. We are here to help you. Financials…we are employee owned. Not usually an issue.

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